Aggression-based Puppets

Each of these puppets is a predator in nature and could help your clients express their anger in a healthier manner.

Mini Raccoon $7.99
This sneaky little critter can be used in a variety of ways by your clients to show how they can make different behavior choices (even though it might misbehave). 5″ long.

Mini Fox $8.49
A mini version of the stage and full sized fox puppets. 4″ tall.


Little Brown Bear Stage Puppet $12.99 4″L x 5″W x 7″H


Little Alligator Stage Puppet OUT OF STOCK $12.99 5″L x 4.5″W x 7″H


Little Lion Stage Puppet OUT OF STOCK $12.99 5″L x 5″W x 7″H


Little Raccoon Stage Puppet $12.99 4″L x 5″W x 6″H


Small Tarantula $13.99
Creepy crawlies are a necessary part of any play therapy puppet collection. Front legs are moveable. 9″ long.

Bee OUT OF STOCK $15.99
Six fingers for use by either hand. Easily fits both adults and children. 8″ long.

Crocodile Stage Puppet OUT OF STOCK $23.99
Snap his teeth and move his arms to scare other puppets away! 13″ tall.

Lion Stage Puppet OUT OF STOCK $21.99
13″ tall, this puppet has moveable mouth and arms. All you supply is the roar! Combine with the Mini Field Mouse Puppet and you have a bibliotherapy teaching aid.
Timber Wolf OUT OF STOCK $33.99
For those clients feeling the urge to howl! 18″ long.
Coyote OUT OF STOCK $31.99
Another infamous howler, watch out for his bag of tricks! 15″ tall.
Peacock OUT OF STOCK $49.99
Using your full hand, you can move this beautiful bird’s head, feathers, and tail. 18″ tall.

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