Expressive/Fantasy-Based Toys

Puppets and costumes comprise the primary toys of this category. Also included are crafts and creative arts products.
An assortment of inexpensive costumes can be found here!
Animal Puppets
Play In The Bag carries a wide variety of puppets to add to your selection of expressive toys!

Jelly Ball $0.99
Within appropriate limits, this jelly ball can be used to assist our clients with getting out their anger by throwing against a hard surface (may leave marks on walls – test surface before using). Various colors and styles.

Echo Microphone $1.99
No batteries required. Simply sing to your heart’s content and hear your voice reverberate! Colors vary.

Noodle Ball Yo-Yo $1.99
You never have to worry about it not coming back to you!

22 oz. Craft Sand- Assorted Colors $1.99/ea.Note: Colors may vary slightly from those shown

Pink Red Orange
Yellow Green Lt. Blue
Purple Black White


Chenille Stem Assortment $3.99 $2.59
100 pieces of assorted color chenille stems make it easy for your client to create. Discontinued – only 1 left!

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