Fantasy Puppets

For most people, these only exist in imagination, but you can make them real.

Mini Winged Piglet $6.49
Now you know they do! Includes a magnet in its nose so that it can “kiss” another winged piglet or hang off your coronet. 3.5″ long.

Small Red Dragon OUT OF STOCK $21.99
An oriental-style dragon with shimmering gold on a bed of red fabric. Mouth, front legs, and tail are moveable. 20″ in length.

Blue Three-Headed Dragon OUT OF STOCK $23.99
Sometimes three heads are NOT better than one! You decide. 9″ tall.

Make Your Own Monster Puppet $24.99
Children can express their unique creativity with the possibility of hundreds of designs!


Baby Dragon $27.99 8.5″ tall.


Wyvern Dragon OUT OF STOCK $49.99
Mouth and tongue can be manipulated to bring this dragon to life. 16″ tall.

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