Multiple Metaphor Puppets

The possibilities are almost endless with this set of puppets.

Mini Spotted Owl $7.99

Both a representative of wisdom and aggression (as a predator), this puppet can be a versatile addition to your play therapy collection. 4″ tall.


Ladybug OUT OF STOCK $13.99

A wonderful addition to the play therapist’s puppet collection, the ladybug can be useful in bibliotherapy and with themes of trust and nurturing/family. 9″ long.


Dolphin OUT OF STOCK $19.99

Using two hands, you can make this puppet’s mouth move and flip its tail at the same time! 17″ long.


Barn Owl OUT OF STOCK $25.99

Help kids “give a hoot”. 21″ wingspan.


Make Your Own Monster Puppet $24.99
Children can express their unique creativity with the possibility of hundreds of designs!


Pack Rat Puppet $27.99
This puppet enjoys collecting. Who knows what will be found in his pack? 9″L x 7″W x 12″H


Snowy Owl OUT OF STOCK $31.99

Gray spots adorn the beautiful white “fur” of this owl whose capabilities include being able to turn its head a full 360 degrees! 10″ tall.
Ferret Puppet OUT OF STOCK $29.99
This one is probably just as mischievous as the real thing! 25″L x 6″W x 11″H.

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