MP900430642     Tragedy strikes us when we least expect it and there is no ultimate protection from the perils of everyday living. However, play therapy can provide an added resource for those of us who are presently dealing with the aftermath of the latest tragedy to befall us. It can also provide needed resilience to navigate through life’s challenges successfully.

In light of the continuing bombardment of not only national headlines about the terrible events in Sandy Hook, but also catastrophes around the world, here is a list of links that we may find helpful as we work with our clients during these times:

· How to Support Children:

· American Psychological Association:

· How Parents Can Help Children:

General Resources:

· ACA Resources:

· Mr. Rogers on tragedy:


· Resiliency Wheel:

· PBS – Talking with Kids:

Additional articles of interest:

· Pay It Forward:

· “I am Adam Lanza’s mother”:

· “I am Adam Lanza’s Psychiatrist”:

· “Warm Fuzzies and Cold Pricklies”:

By Lori A. Fedorczyk, MS, LPC

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